Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Yet another failed AFF level 4

I went skydiving again Saturday afternoon.

Tried yet again to pass AFF4, and failed it yet again. Sigh.

Apparently, my exit and my fall form was perfect. I started the turn, but it wouldn't stop. And from there it went to shit.

Some rules to remember next time:
  1. Turns do not stop themselves just by stopping the turn motion. To stop a turn, I have turn the opposite way just as hard.
  2. No matter how comforting the existance of the ripcord handle is, having my hand on it means my instructors can't help me, because if I pull it when they are approaching me, I'll kill all 3 of us.
  3. Reaching for the ripcord makes turns, turn FASTER. I cannot halt a turn with my hand behind me like that.
  4. If I can't see my instructors, that's GOOD, because that means they are floating above me, and so can save my ass. If I can see them, that means they are below me, and I'm screwed.
  5. If I pull high, I'll get teased in the packing bay.

But on the plus side, it was very gratifying to see how good my boxman form is getting. I had a loop running in my head, "Elbows OUT. Knees APART. Feet IN the wind. Knees APART.". Eventually, it shoult get to be as easy and as unconcious as as walking, freeing scarce brainpower up for other tasks.

Oh, and I got another really scary looking video!

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