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Gym. Session 66 of 124. Back and Triceps.

Ouch. Yeah, I could tell that I had forgotten my creatine this morning. And that I was 10 days rusty. I'm going to be a bit stiff tomorrow morning, I think.

We went right back to "regular schedule" and did back. Didn't drop the weights any (except for the lower back raise), I just sucked it up instead.

Hammer machine pulldown. Pneumatic lat pulldown. Lower back raise cycled with standing shoulder flys. Those burned. Machine seated row. Hammer machine shoulder press. I could only get sets of 10 out of that. Standing tricep cable pulldowns. And a big finish doing seated machine pushdowns.

Strangely, I loss over 4 lbs over the past week. I wonder how much of that was fat, and how much was lean.

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