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Judy's pager went off at 9pm. One of her clients had just had her water break, and so J had to put on her doula hat and go to the hospital to assist. So I stayed up with Alex (the cat) and then later chatted with Ernesto (the sub-let) when he got home.


Packed my stuff and got it down to the porch. (Starting from the top of a standard Boston triple-decker.) Swapped a few phonecalls with missdimple and zzbottom, walked over to their place and helped them pack out, sent Paulo on his way ahead.

Judy got back about 2pm instead of the planned noon, her cover was late because she was at a root canal. Her own. Ouch. Later learned that the baby arrived about an hour after Judy had had to leave the laboring mother-to-be.

Jillian helped us pack our stuff into her car, and then we were off. Sort off.

They dropped me at the bank to throw a deposit in the ATM, and I managed to leave her checkbook there. We did grocery shopping, and then recalled the checkbook. On getting back, it was gone. Mark feel dumb and sick. Really don't luck screwing up other people's stuff. Back to Jillian's house, call Paulo on the payphone at the campground, and then deal with unsmart bank CSR's on the phone. They ended up having to fix it in person at a branch in Northampton the next morning.

FINALLY, we were off, went, traveled, arrived, and unpacked, just as the sky was getting dark. One of the nice things about car camping: headlights.

Many well remembered people from last year were there already, some who were not were morned. Talk around the campfire. Camaraderie. Friendship. Flirting.

The sky was amazing. Clear and open, full of about a billion stars.

And so began BiCamp 10.

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Much more lounging and socialization.

A few trips out to the swimming hole. One time it was gray and cloudy. Another, bright and sunny. No sunburn or sunsick for me, this year. I learned my lesson last year.

We threw a surprise party for Lucas, as he had just finished his medical residency. His minder lost track of him while we were setting up, and so he wandered into the preparations. We managed to shoo him back out. He thought that the "cool guys were going to have a party and he had not been invited". ! He was very touched, I think, that the party turned out to be in his honor.

The annual traditional pancake breakfast was again, yummy. Three of us were dispatched just before cooking time up to the blueberry farm up the street to gather fruit. These blueberries are amazing, more like small half-inch plums.

Another morning, a new tradition was burn, the group omelet feed.

In the campfire group sing after the potlatch, Moss, the "unofficial musical director" premiered a new song.

The nights were cold and wet, with much dew, which made walking from tent to bathroom at 3am unpleasant.

The days were nice, ranging from cool and overcast, to warm and sunny.

A cat was lost, and then found a few days later. Next year, the owner promises that the cat will stay at home with a sitter.


After omelets, we struck camp. As always, a rather melancholy process, as people depart, many of whom will not be seen again for another year, and even those who keep in touch with each other, will only all all be together in the same place at camp next year.

Judy and I piled back into Jillian's car, and the trek back began.

After only the first mile, still on dirt road, right in front of us, Paulo's car died. Plans were made, discarded, and made again. Judy and I transfered to beowabbit's car, abandoning our camping gear, while Jillian and Paulo waited for the AAA truck.

We made our way to the diner were dinner was to be, and slowly the rest of our party gathered, despite the horror of bad celphone reception and failing batteries.

After a greasy dinner with a few botched orders, we all made our way to a hot tub place. After much unsatisfying "group processing" (gods below, I hate group decision-making), we split into two groups for the two tubs we had reserved.

The soak was nice.

Afterward, we transfered to another car driven by a guy who's name I am blanking on. He was a wicked fast driver, and we made the trip from Northampton to Jamaica Plain in 90 minutes, which would have been an impressive time on dry roads in daylight, let alone at midnight, on rainslick roads, with a driver who had had 2 hours of sleep in the last 24.

Somehow, we survived.

We were both horizontal and asleep very soon after walking through the door.


After a yummy breakfast of from-scratch cheese scones, I sent Judy out on her day. She has work, and then her first evening class of Bio 201 at UMass.

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