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Remember how I said I was sure I had forgotten something? I knew I had, there was just so much space in my luggage, compared to last year. Space that I looked at with amazement, and then filled with another towel. Anyway, I remembered this morning what I had forgotten.

A sleeping bag!

Mark feel dumb.

Fortunately, JudyG has a old but comfortable comforter that will serve very well.

Waking up was fun, pleasurable, slow, lazy. And very very satisfying. Smile.

After JudyG left for work, I walked down the street to the Harvest Co-op in Jamaica Plain with a shopping list. About an hour later I was back with our camping food for the weekend.

After her return, we made dinner (pan fried potato coins with onion, garlic, and black pepper), and enjoyed it out on the porch, where the air was nice and cool.

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