Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Tuesday. From Seattle to New Jersey. Events mixed with musings.

Alarm went off at 6am. Groan!

The headcold was still pretty bad. Bought a whole gallon of OJ at the CapHill QFC.

Picked up ND, who will be taking the car and will be sitting the cats for the week. Drove to SeaTac. Got there a lot sooner than I expected, very light traffic. Curb checked the luggage, checked through security, found my terminal, settled down. Boarding and departure were right on schedule. I ended up on "the back of the bus", but it wasn't too bad, Continental's rear row seats actually can recline.

This SEA to EWR flight (which I do a couple of times a year) is about my limit for length. I don't know how trans-oceanic travellers avoid going stark raving homocidal. If I ever have to make a 12+ hour flight, I suspect that a set of anti-noise headphones and a handfull of drugs will be necessary investments.

They displayed our cruise altitude and map position on the monitors whenever a "Feature Presentation" wasn't playing. 33500 feet. A back of the envelope calculation (actually done in the HP emulator on my Palm) told me that that would give me 175 seconds of freefall. Whee! (Of course, not really. Terminal will be a lot faster at this altitude. Plus there would be the annoyance of having to wear a thermal suit and have an oxygen source for over the first half...)

I passed the time by reading and sucking down the gallon of OJ mentioned previosly.

The book of the day was The Getaway Special, which I had picked up at the most recent NorWesCon, and left sitting in my "To Read" pile since then. It's a fun piece, recently written, but of the "classic hard SF" tradition.

Arrival at EWR was right on schedule, found my new terminal, and waited for boarding.

I've been thru EWR more times than I can immediately remember. I eat at the same little cafe each time. But I've never passed outside of the secured zone, and I've never otherwise actually "been" to New Jersey.

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