Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

In-home vet

This morning at 10:30am, my new vet came to see the cats for their annuals. A feline vet that does ONLY house calls. She and her vettech were very nice. The cats are a bit pissed at me, but less so than if I had had to stuff them in their carriers and drive them over the 520 bridge.

Doing the three of them took almost exactly an hour, which worked out perfectly, this being a Wednesday, and thus a gym day, I just settled everyone back down, and then left for the gym.

Gym. 63 of 124. Legs

A typical legs day. Leg press. Hack squat. Leg curls. Standing calves. Quad lifts. Unloaded lunges. Seated calves. No ball work today, and I had had done the adductors and abductors last night after doing my hour on the EC.

All the trainers have to go to some dumb corporate rah-rah-rah meeting next Friday, so we moved my session from the usual noon to 7am. That is going to be... interesting.

Flight simulator

I know what to buy my Dad for a present. Maybe if I just bought him the software, it would make him buy the matching hardware...

A while ago, Slashdot had a storylink about X-Plane, the worlds best publicly available flightsim. And then there was a blurb about it on TechTV today.

The flightsim is done by iterated finite element analysis, and it's good enough that it will correctly sim things like a Space Shuttle orbit to landing sequence, a SpaceShipOne launch and return, a U2 mission, and flying a MarsPlane, on Mars! Real aircraft designers use it to prefly experimental designs, and pilots can use it for real training and for currency.

And it's only fifty bucks! (You do have to have a good 3D graphics card, and a really hot system to run it, and soon enough you will be wanting to buy a set of USB2 joysticks, control yokes, aircraft foot peddles, a throttle simulator, more graphics cards, more monitors...)

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