Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Witnessing Road Rage

 I just got to watch a roadrage incident.

In the very heavy traffic leaving the Lake Union fireworks show, there was a large Infiniti SUV in front of us who wasn't zipper merging properly. He cut off a smaller car who's turn it was to merge, and then the driver of the SUV got out, yelled at the driver's window of the smaller car, and then got back into his SUV. Late 20s or early 30s asian guy. Okay...

Then a motorcycle tried to go around them, and the SUV driver lost it. He jumped back out, and pulled the motorcycle over, and then started yelling and jumping and punching at the rider, all chest thumpy. His punches were not doing much against the motorcyclist's riding armor, and the rider kept his helmet on, and just kept trying to push the guy away and stepping back.

Half a dozen more people got out of the SUV, the guys trying to join the driver in the fight, and the girls trying to stop it. The SUV passengers were VERY drunk, barely able to walk level drunk.

My Lyft driver was on 911, narrating what he saw. And I could see several other people in cars and people on the sidewalk on their phones, probably also all on 911.

Turns out the motorcyclist had friends, they zoomed up, got off, pulled the fight apart, and took him and his bike over to the side the road. And then stood around and in front of and behind the SUV, trapping it. The SUV people had got back in, and shut their doors and rolled all their windows up. The people pinning it had their phones out, recording, and so did a lot of sidewalk bystanders.

A few people started directing traffic around the pinned SUV. My Lyft driver ended his call with 911, and drove around, drove away, and continued my ride home.

I saw a lot of SPD on bikes working around the crowd earlier. It will probably be a pair of the bike cops that get there, to find that SUV trapped by that small crowd standing around it.

That SUV driver is already in bad trouble, and if he was DUI (which I will bet he was) he's in worse trouble. From the British Columbia plates on the SUV, he's probably a tourist or a visitor on a visa, which will make his impeding bad night and bad month even orders of magnitude worse.

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