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Mark Atwood
A fountain of toxic woke
While watching the fireworks over Lake Union while the song "I'm Already There - Message From Home" was playing on the PA, I could really have done without the sneering narration to her friends from the women standing about 10 feet from me.

She started by saying she was visiting on an education visa and then dropping zingers and snarls to her friends everything she hates about the country that extended the visa to her, everything she hates about the celebration of the day, everything she hates about having to constantly "educate" people about they have an obligation to share in her hate, and then finally everything she hates about the kinds of people referenced in that particular song.

By the time she got to that final topic of her hate, I was noticing a lot of other annoyed and hard eyes looking her way, not just mine.

Lady, you are a guest. Even if I can agree with a some of what you are saying, there is a time and a place, and this wasn't it.

Later, when we all headed back inside, and I saw her in clear light, she looked like the reification of every stereotype implied by her voice, her tone, and her words. Which is sufficient punishment. There is nothing more fitting as a punishment than what she's already done to herself.

Happy Fourth of July.

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