Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I own an antique twelve inch square hinged blade paper cutter

I own an antique twelve inch square hinged blade paper cutter. I bought it out of a junk pile that was dredged out of the back of some craftschool place that was shutting down. I think I paid two dollars for it.

It is made of *steel* and of *cast iron* and of real *wood*. No plastic, no MDF. The metal parts were obviously made in a real machine shop by real machinists, except for the handle/bar, which is sandcast cast iron. The blades are real firstmade steel (no metaldross junk recyclage remelt crap), and can take an edge that will split a hair, and can hold an edge.

No safety guards. It probably is in violation of at least three fat volumes of OSHA regulations and related bureaucratic barflegarb. It could probably take off a thumb and a finger if someone is thoughtless and careless while using it.

It can also go through a bakers dozen sheets of paper in one crisp pull, leaving a perfect clean edge, without slowing down.

I love it.

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