Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

letters are stroke patterns, not pixels

When I first was taught how to write, the ampersand glyph was not in the lesson plan. And every time I tried to "draw the character", it came out looking horribly wrong. I gave up, and for my own personal notes, I would use an idiosyncratic glyph that looked like a joined plus sign instead. Until finally, I decided I was going to fix that, and found a youtube video of someone writing the glyph. Aha, I had been doing it backwards! Now I do it correctly, and it looks correct

This little story unfolds a bit larger. Looking at a letter on a page no more teaches how to scribe it than looking at a photograph of a drawing teaches how to draw.

I love the concept of writing glyphs that are beyond the standard "latin letters and arabic numerals, with accents". I love "lost letters" and various conscripts. But without stroke order information, and preferably videos, I can learn to read them, but not learn to write them.

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