Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. 60 of 124. Legs.

Since this is Wednesday, it's time for legs.

Didn't do legs last week, because of spending Wednesday playing hooky with friends.

It was a perfectly ordinary sequence, and I got all the reps of all the sets done, and with good form too. Doing legs is pretty brutal, it's very much a whole body thing (especially the ball and mat based exercises, which use every small balancing muscle from my knees to my neck, it feels like), and so by the time I was done my heart was pounding and my shirt was sopping wet. (The reason the gym requires carrying a towel.)

Another couple of weeks of this regimen, and then I'm going to be started on something different. We're going to cut the rep target from 15 to 10, and pour on a lot more weight to make up for it. Ho boy.

Kind of weird incident afterward. I was hobbling across the parking lot to my Jeep, when some suburbia minivan pulls up next to me, and the soccer mom driving it complements me on my hard work, that she's seen be there regularly, working hard. I thank her for her compliment, and she drove away.

Weird. "Inside" I usually feel like I move through the world like the invisible man, but my friends around me keep telling me that I'm very noticeable and memorable. I don't believe it on the emotional level, and it feels odd whenever it's demonstrated to me.

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