Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

book review "Dare... to Try Bisexuality"

A few weeks ago I received, via the LibraryThing Early Review program, a review copy of the English translation of the book Dare... to Try Bisexuality. Here is my review:

I was hoping for better and more. This book is, at best, a silly piece of popcorn. At worst, it tries to glamorize the worst stereotypes of bisexual people and the practice of bisexuality: that it is all about having multiway causal swinger orgies, that bisexuals will hit on anyone (even you!) they find attractive, and the only reason why someone isn't having bisexual sex is because they just haven't tried it yet.

For people who already understand their own bisexuality, or the bisexuality of someone close to them, this book is at best eye rollingly silly. For people who are curious, want to learn, or are struggling to understand their own bisexuality or the bisexuality of someone close to them, this book is dangerously wrong and misleading.

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