Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Burning Man, contact information

Starting on Monday, I will be at Burning Man, and will be more or less unreachable from the default world.

If you want to try to send me a postcard (which would be lots of fun), the BRC Post Office *might* work:

Mark Atwood
Pi & Monorail Camp
6:45 and Baghdad
Burning Man
Gerlach NV 89412

If you are on playa, drop on by, and leave a message. During build week I will be out working on the monorail, and the week of the burn I will be either at camp, at the monorail, or (most likely), out walking around looking at art.

If you are on playa, and have a FRS/GMRS radio, I stay tuned to 17/12.

If you off playa and need to get an *emergency* message to me/us, email to and include the above contact information, and it *might* get to me.

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