Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Burning Man Newbie Picnic

I've learned that the Seattle Burner Newbie Picnic could have been better evangulized this year. All the regular Seattle burners know about it, the hard part is letting newbies and Burner-curious people know about it.

So, if you are in the Seattle area today, and don't otherwise have plans. Plus, it's free food and fun people...



The Newbie Picnic is a wonderful event (now in it's EIGHTH year!) designed to draw Burning Man first-timers into the Seattle community. If you are about to make your inaugural trip to the playa, this is a great opportunity to meet some seasoned vets who can share all sorts of tips and tricks. If you're one of those seasoned vets, here is a great chance to help out some new folks... wouldn't it have been great if someone had done this for you a few years ago? So as you can see, the Newbie Picnic is for everyone, whether they have zero or a dozen burns under their belt. Besides, it's a picnic and everyone loves picnics so just shut up and come.

Important! It can sometimes be a bit intimidating for new people to come to local events, so it's up to all of us to make sure the picnic is a warm and welcoming experience. Newbies are hereby authorized to walk up
and join any conversation that may already be in progress; they may sit down and join any group of pre-congregated people; they may ask anything of anyone. All non-newbies are required to watch out for
wide-eyed newbies standing off to the side and periodically check on them to make sure they're fed, hydrated and informed.

Gimme More Picnic Details!

The Newbie Picnic will happen on Sunday, August 8TH. from 3pm until 6pm-ish. It wouldn't be too surprising if folks stuck around into the night, too.

Picnic food and beverages will be provided at no charge to you, so there is no need for you to bring anything. This event has been brought to you through the collaborated efforts of Ignition Northwest and your Seattle Regional Contacts.

If you simply can't help yourself and you do bring something, you must take the leftovers home with you! Also, in keeping with the Leave No Trace ethic, please plan to leave with whatever garbage you happen to

Please note that ALCOHOL IS NOT permitted in Seattle parks. Also remember that this is an ALL-AGES event in a PUBLIC PARK. So please, mind your p's & q's.

The location is WOODLAND PARK Park shelter #2 It's right by the shelter where we had many picnics in previous years If you missed the link earlier, here it is again

What can you do?

Show up! Bring friends and family who might like to get a little taste of our culture. Oh, and as you might expect, costumes are strongly encouraged! Why the hell not dress up and impart some great fashion tips to the new folks? Got a nifty playa gadget? Bring it. Wanna sit down and drop some knowledge? We've got plenty of space. This is a great place for newbies and vets to teach and learn. Just like TEITD (that's "The Event in the Desert" for the newbies) you get as much out of this event as you put into it.

What Will This Cost Me?

Your participation is your admission... the picnic and food are free.


A few other notes:
**There will be a Burning Man 101 workshop
**Hey newbies! Bring a little notepad to jot things down.
**Yes there will be ezells, and yes there will be a vegetarian option. I cannot make any promises about other dietary needs.

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