Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I just got a new cellphone. It's not a smartphone.

I just got a new cellphone.

It is not at all a replacement for my HTC Passion / Nexus One Android smartphone.

It is, instead, possibly the least "smart" phone available: the Moto F3, designed for "the developing world".

It makes and receives calls, it sends and receives SMS text messages, and that is it. Period. A full charge gives it hundreds of hours of standby time and half a dozen of hours of talk time It is resistant to water, humidity, dust, temperature extremes, and shocks and drops.

It weighs less than my car and house key.

I paid $20 for it.

This just might be the right kind of phone for my mother.

I'm going to take it to Burning Man, and register it with the OpenBTS Project Papa Legba camp, and see how that works out.

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