Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Burning Man Advice #5. Clothes

Clothes at Burning Man are very much an interesting intersection of necessity, preference, comfort, personal style, and public expression.

Again, I will mention the blazing sun, the corrosive mummifying dust, the hot days, the cold nights.

If you want to be as practical as possible, then loose-fitting natural-fiber khaki or light colored clothing with long sleeves and long legs make the most sense, with a broadbrim hat. You will look like you are on safari, in a National Geographic special, or a movie about the Australian Outback. And you will look like a Ranger (Black Rock City's crew of civic peacekeepers).

But this is Burning Man! There is a huge and evolving culture of self expression via clothing there.

You will see people who are not wearing a single stitch. You will see people wearing gear (boots, googles, camelback), and nothing else. You will see people wearing kilts, sarongs, crossvested, safari clothes, burkas, arbian thobe, gis, tutus, body paint, fireman turnouts, fake fur, and very bright colors.

I'm still deciding how to dress this year. I was far too bland and khaki last year.

Express yourself, have fun, and remember, it's hot during the day, and cold at night. (Thus the fondness for fake fur...)

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