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Mark Atwood
Burning Man Advice #4. Camelback
The playa is dry and hot. Very dry. Very hot. And the dust is hydrophilic. This means that you will be dehydrating, literally mummifying. And you probably won't be able to tell that you are dehydrated. The most common "medical event" at Burning Man is acute dehydration.

You will be "out and about" all the time. On foot, on bike, climbing on and off of art cars, climbing around on art projects, setting up camp, striking camp, and dancing.

This means you need to be drinking water all the time, you need to carry a LOT of water around with you to drink, and you want to have your hands free.

The solution is called a "camelback". It's a backpack that contains a plastic water bag, and has a flexible tube coming over your shoulder. There are a couple of different brands of these things, including the eponymous Camelback.

You want one, and you want the largest one that you can comfortably carry.

You can buy them online, and at any good sporting goods store.

My personal one holds 2 liters. While on playa, I will typically refill it 3 times each day, and twice each night. There is a reason that the on-playa newspaper is titled "Piss Clear".

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