Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Real Buttered Scotch Pudding

I am not a fan of "fake" things, including fake flavors. Red "cherry" flavoring tastes nothing like real fresh cherries. Pink "watermelon" tastes almost nothing like a real dark red watermelon, as cold as ice, on a hot summer day.

At the local farmers market there is a lady who grows her own mint bushes, infuses the leaves, and makes REAL mint truffles. After trying one, I can't ever really enjoy standard "chocolate mint" again.

I just had a similar experience. At the newly opened cafe at the new Elliott Bay Bookstore in my neighborhood, they have handmade pudding. And because they were out of the vanilla and chocolate ones, I decided to have butterscotch. It turns out to be made from real butter and real scotch, from an old recipe that one of the baristas researched and tweaked.

It is almost entirely unlike the fake butterscotch-flavor pudding or candies I've had before. I don't think I can face eating that fake flavor again, after having this.

I've asked them for the recipe, and they don't have it there, but will bring it in. And I will be back.

And I suggest that everyone in Seattle, especially here in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, come to the new Elliott Bay Bookstore Cafe, and ask for a buttered scotch pudding.

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