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On easy outrage, and state party platforms - Mark Atwood — LiveJournal
On easy outrage, and state party platforms
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wetdryvac From: wetdryvac Date: June 23rd, 2010 02:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Actually, I propose that I have a right to my opinion whether or not it's informed. The concept that *anyone* could be quashed based on degree of research and understanding is both flawed - free will matters, thank-you - and utterly daft.

Telling someone to shut the fuck up based on your opinion and understanding of what degree of research and understanding they have undertaken and achieved requires that you yourself have both breached their privacy - researched them to a very high degree, or at least to whatever arbitrary bar you've set - and are willing thereafter to revoke their right to think and take a position and speak about it. Taking such a stance yourself implies that you're OK with others taking such a stance - and perhaps even enforcing it - upon you. I'm reasonably sure that you do not wish for anyone, particularly me, to set and enforce an arbitrary bar upon what you may speak of, hold an opinion about, or similar.

It is completely valid to be annoyed with a lack of research, to call a party upon their logical flaws, their lack of evidence, and their failure to connect background information to presentation. It's valid to say, "I'm not interested - please don't talk to *me* about it." Further, where those stances begin to affect your acts of free will, taking a counter-view and fighting where needed is probably a good idea. However, unless you wish to set a standard which arbitrarily revokes rights to opinion and speech, "You do not have the right to an opinion," Is dangerous beyond words.

Are you sure you wish to be doing this? If so, what do you do with someone who will not comply? Do you wish to set consequences for non-compliance, and are you OK with those consequences applying universally?

I'm curious: Do you think, if I am silenced, I have any right whatsoever to stand and fight?
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