Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

On easy outrage, and state party platforms

It's very fun and very easy to pile onto an internet bandwagon, and make fun of, criticize, and be outraged by some plank in some state party platform document. I am even likely to agree with you, about stupid and offense planks in state party platforms.


Have you actually gone to the original source and read the full text of that state party platform? Do you know what a "party platform" is, and how it is different from legislation or even consensus? Do you know how state party platforms are written by that party in that state?

Do you know how state party platforms are written by YOUR party in YOUR state? How hard is it for a small group of well organized people to insert a plank into your own state party platform?

Have you read the full text of the state party platform for YOUR own party in YOUR own state? Do you agree with it all? Is there nothing in it that you don't find stupid?

Until you have done all these things, I will leave you with a paraphrase of Harlan Ellison: "You do not have a right to an opinion. You have a right to an INFORMED opinion."

And until then, please, STFU on this topic.

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