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Mark Atwood
Thoughts on park litter
The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog recently posted a story and a followup about "a perfect storm" of trash at the central park of my neighborhood, Cal Anderson Park.

The first public comment on the story was an anti-Republican diatribe, which said a great deal about the poster, but not so much about the problem of trash in the parks.

I am reminded of a pair of photographs I saw a year or so ago, that showed the Washington Mall the day after two large events, one being the 2009 inauguration, and the other being a large "right wing" populist gathering and protest. In one, the Mall was literally ankle deep in trash and litter, it looked like a scene out of Pixar's WALL-E, and in the other, the Mall was almost pristine. One group had packed out their own trash, and in the other, the crowd just dropped their crap where they stood. Guess which one was which...

Anyway, I posted the following comment:

Pack out your own MOOP

The public trashcans are a convenience, and an expensive one.

I would much rather the Parks department spend their manpower and our money on more parks, and on gardening, and less on people who are too lazy to pack out their trash. If you can carry stuff into the park and turn it into trash, you can carry it out with you, and put it in your own trashcans or recycle bins at home.

I'm disgusted with the people who just piled their trash on top of and around the full containers. It's littering, exactly as if they had just dumped it on the grass.

I am especially annoyed that Eeyore’s Birthday is suffering some blame for this "trash storm", since most of the people at that event were Burners, and Burners know (or should know) the rule: "don't MOOP".

Don't blame the Parks Department for the trash. They are *our* parks, and it is *our* trash, and it's *our* job to clean up after ourselves, not theirs.

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elfs From: elfs Date: May 13th, 2010 10:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Matter Out Of Place"?
fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: May 13th, 2010 10:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yes. MOOP means "Matter Out Of Place", which is a useful and interesting way to think of stuff, instead of "trash" or "litter".


LEAVE NO TRACE: No trash receptacles are provided.
Please take everything you bring to the event back home with you. ... Contribute to our long-term survival: Pack it in. Pack it out. You are responsible for the condition of your campsite and nearby public areas of Black Rock City. Clean up as you go!


There is no garbage collection service at Burning Man. Every camp is responsible for its refuse. We are ALL responsible for trash in Black Rock City. Trash is EVERYTHING you bring here: tent stakes, bottle caps, ashes, wood debris, orange peels, cigarette butts, pistachio shells, boa and rope fibers, sequins-even abandoned bikes. Use a tarp under firewood and other loose materials. Do not put trash in the portable toilets. Even small trash will clog the cleaning hose for the potty. The toilet will fill and can't be emptied. When you see trash on the ground in BRC, pick it up and take it with you! Better yet, prevent trash from happening. Observe this simple rule: Never let it hit the ground.
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