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Mark Atwood
Random encounter, and open source FPGA & RF hacking environments
While walking around looking for a table here at the Diesel in Cambridge MA, a guy saw the EFF and Firefox buttons on my backpack, and stopped me to ask my opinion about some open source licensing choices his startup was facing. They are doing an "Adruino for FPGA" type of thing, which really excites me, especially for RF hacking.

And, crud, he left before I wrote down the name of his startup.

We spend some time talking about gnu radio, hardware hacking culture, plusses and minuses of the existing Adruino type systems, passive RFIDs, regulatory license avoidance by legal means, Zigbee's attempt to make it illegal to write a GPLed stack, hacking the software radios in smartphones, and wireless grid networking.

Fun stuff.

It's all going to be worldchanging. One of the MANY worldchanging things that are starting to happen.

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tanjent From: tanjent Date: March 14th, 2010 10:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
a lot of people have been talking about doing fpgarduino type stuff, but the more i read about VHDL and Verilog the more i think the learning curve is just too steep to use the fpga directly (and also the toolchain and cpu requirements to generate fpga bitstreams from source code is huuuuge).

what i think would be more interesting would be an arduino-compatible microcontroller implemented in a fpga, with a collection of precompiled add-on modules.

we shall see.

my plans for vbox are to eventually have an arduino-level microcontroller that uses the fpga as a LCD and data capture controller.

so much work....
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