Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Dear recruiters,

Dear recruiters,

I have not "sent you my resume", nor have I "recently posted it to Monster", and using boilerplate stating as such to justify your spam blast towards me warns me right from the start that you are either stupid or dishonest.

Since you claim to already have my resume, asking for a copy of it again "for reference" is suspect.

My actual resume is online and is easy to discover, directly on the web and in LinkedIn. If you claim to take a "personal touch" in finding "the perfect placement", then learn to use Google and LinkedIn.

That you then specifically demand that my resume be "Word formated" (sic) is also suspect. The main reason you would want that is so that you can edit it and thus try to turn me into a liar by proxy on a job application.

By the way, the word "formatted" is spelled with two t's.

Using the phrase "contract W2" to describe a position is, again, a lie. Employment is either W2, or it is 1099. What you really mean is that you want to resell my ass to a body shop, who will pay me mediocre wages and bennies, will resell it again at a huge markup to their one big client, and then fire me every 9 months, just so everyone can maintain the blatant fiction that I am a "contractor" for the tax man.

Nor would I be allowed to describe what I do in detail to my friends, nor would it increase my scores on ohloh, launchpad, or github.

I am not interested in sub-market-wages. Especially not in a Microsoft shop.

A "full commitment" to a "exciting high-energy and yet stable opportunity" means that I would be expected to work for a large and tediously uncaring company for 60 hours a week (with more at crunch time), with no reward other than said sub-market wages, and the occasional box of pizza. Since this is a "contract W2" position, I probably would not even get the free team and project t-shirt, nor an invitation to the release party.

If I'm going to be asked to sacrifice my health and my life to a series of projects-du-jour, I expect a more substantial set of rewards. Specifically, ones that I manage via my etrade account.

Also, as part of your commitment to finding "the perfect placement", do make some effort to only spam me with "opportunities" that are at least somewhat in alignment with my past experience, skill set, and stated objectives.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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