Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

What is a Nazi?

Most people don't even know what "Nazi" means, other than "you are bad, and if I call someone that, everyone else will agree with me that they are bad", e.g. it's nothing more than an insult plus argumentum ad populum.

At best, most people just ignorantly assume that "Nazi" means "militaristic expansionist racist bigot". We've had militariastic expansionistic racially bigoted totalitarian states for a long time, and we will probably never be rid of that particular evil, but it distracts from the issue to just call such "Nazi".

What Nazi actually meant was "buy local, hire local, local production, with barriers and regulations and bans on imports, on outsourcing, on capital mobility, and on immigration. Strong social and government control over corporate action, e.g. you my own your company, but we dictate to you what to do with it. Strong government and social control of funding of, control and insight into all aspects of cultural, artistic, educational, sporting, media, and social activities."

When I point that out to people, they either cannot see the mirror I am holding up to them, or else they get really really angry. Probably because they understand exactly what I am calling them.

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