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I invested a fair bit of time and effort into researching car buying. The Motley Fool has Buying A Car as a great howto. Which then lead me to Consumer Reports, Edmunds, CarsDirect, and Fighting Chance. I've pretty much nailed down exactly what I want, with which options, and have a good idea what it's going to cost, and how to avoid the battle with the dealers. I'm still exploring the financing. According to Fighting Chance, the best time to start my fax-a-thon is towards the end of the month.

That afternoon, I drove into Seattle. First was a stop at the Cat Clinic. I had to swap a case of K/D prescription cat food. I had got the wrong kind last time, and while Birki would eat it, she would glare at me between bites. And I couldn't blame her. The stock version is nasty, while the minced stuff actually has some texture and taste. I also got a new liter bag of LRS, as the mail order place hasn't got my account set up yet. (LRS and venosets are prescription items, which I find rather weird. I can understand why the needles are, given what they were worth "on the street" for IV drug users.)

Then I hooked up with jezel for a bit, and we went shopping for a helmet. I'm tired of picking through the pile of student helmets at the DZ, looking for one that actually fits me. While there exists specialized skydiving helmets, for what I'm doing, an ordinary Pro-Tec general purpose sport helmet is just fine, for a lot less money.

While I was trying one on, my phone rang. It was omahas, inviting me to a waterpark "play hookey from work" day tomorrow with them and some friends. Short notice, but, doable. So I called my gym, and canceled Wednesday's workout.

The weekly piano lesson went well, despite my lack of sufficient practice the week before. We did some verbal drills in intervals (what is a 4th above A, second above C, etc etc, really fast) and then verbal drills in major and perfect intervals (just like before, only I have to keep track of what scale I'm in, so have to know the flats and sharps). And the a couple of times through the current working piece, an arrangement of "Greensleeves", which got a lot easier after he showed me some progression patterns in the left hand, which meant that I didn't need to use as much brain juice keeping track of my left fingers.

After hydrating Birki (the process has become almost routine), I made a critical error. I started to read. I've been asked to beta test a prepublication manuscript from a published SF author, and I started reading it.

I few hours later, I pulled out, realized how tired I was going to be in the morning, and went to sleep.


That morning, I had a really weird very SFnal experience.

I had set my alarm to go off at 8am, as I wanted to be getting on I5S at about 9am. When I awoke, it was with one of those big jerking heart-stopping "I'm Late!" feelings. I grabbed the clock, and my heart sank when I saw it about 9:45. Crap. I flopped back in the bed, visions of spending the day at the waterpark hanging out with friends evaporating, and then I sat up again to get ready to go to work instead. And blinked at the clock.


Cue "Twilight Zone" theme. It's like the Matrix reset around me, or I jumped back in time almost 3 hours, or something. I know that I didn't misread it. One of those weird transition paths between the dreamstate and wakefulness is probably what happened.

Anyway, I logged into the work VPN, pulled up Outlook, and scheduled the entire day as "Out. Sick day." And then got ready and dressed, and headed down to the waterpark, where I met up with elfs and omahas, with Kouryou-chan and Yamaarashi-chan in tow, and with jenkitty, tabbifli, kendaer, and talek.

I kept having flashbacks of my two summers working at a similar place in my teens, Lagoon. They had some fun rides, including a pretty good brand new wooden coaster. I think, tho, that the skydiving has made amusement park rides rather passe for me. They play games with my vertigo, to whip me around, to float me out of my seat, and I can just shrug and watch the scenery.

I enjoyed the water rides more. A pretty good enclosed waterslide (didn't care much for the fact that parts of the tube are pitch dark), and a fun circulating inner tube "river", which we spent just relaxingly floating around and around. The wave pool was fun too. Kouryou-chan liked to wade out a bit, and watch the wave rolling towards her, and then have a big person (such as myself) help her jump high enough to hurtle it. A few times, we mistimed it, and we both got a face full of water.

Bit of a scare with Kouryou, too. She and her sister and her parents and I were relaxing in one of the hottubs, and for a little while there were no adult eyes on her. Of course, that was the moment she slipped or stepped off the seat ledge into the deeper water, which was over her head. I did a momentary sweep, saw her thrashing just under the water, and my resulting leap and grab was instinctive, spinalcord speeds. I think I was the first one to grab her, but am not sure, it seems that both the lifeguard and her parents saw her at almost exactly the same time. Came pretty close to having a four-way collision. She was fine. Coughed out some water, and then had a good little cry on her frightened mom's shoulder.

We all went out for sushi for dinner, then I went home, hydrated Birki, did some USENET, and then fell asleep.


I woke up tender and stiff, with an insistent nose in my ear. That purr is LOUD at that range.

My skin is a little bit pinked, but not burned, no flaking or peeling. It's going to darken a few shades due to yesterday.

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