Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Subject: Gym. Session 57 of 124. Chest and biceps

This is the second week of "new focus" chest work, of actually using my withered little pectorals, instead of my shoulders. I was better at consistantly using them (last week was very hit or miss), but they are weak weak weak. Very annoying. Weight dialed way back on the machines, several new machines, and I was only able to do 8 rep sets. Of course, that means, it can only get better.

Added something new to the abs work. I talked to Steve (my trainer) about how bad my turns were while flying, and we worked out which muscles that that motion requires, and he showed me the machine that works them. It's a weird crazy looking machine, where I sit on a rotating bench like a barstool, but with my arms locked into a frame, and them I rotate my hips against resistance. It's very easy to screw up the lower back, if I put too much weight on, or try to jerk it to a start or stop. Slow, smooth, and careful.

So now I have these bands of "post exercise stiffness" running across my chest and up and down my sides. Oh, and I forgot to take my creatine pills this morning, an oversight that was hammered home the instant that "the fire" started. Yowch. Do Not Forget Those!

I did manage to do a full 100 ball abs. Never been able to do that before. Go me!

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