Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Today. Sunlight, socializing, and Basenectar

This afternoon I walked down 15th Ave, enjoying the amazingly warm day and sunshine. More plants are starting to treat it like spring. The daffodils will open soon. I bought a cut flower for a dollar, just because it was pretty. I bumped into Dave Poole, who was on his way to see Sierra. She does amazing work. I stopped at the Online Coffee, and turned a cup of chai into a couple of dozen paragraphs of text.

Adrianne joined me, and we spent some time socializing and catching up with the woes of her work as a ASL interpreter. Soon after the chai was gone, she and I walked the couple of blocks to Jack & Sarah's place. I introduced her to them, and to a few of their cats. We all went up to the roof garden, to continue enjoying the unseasonal sunlight.

After a while, Adrianne had to leave for an appointment, and I stayed there for a while, geeking with JK about constructed scripts, and he showed me his own cryptoscript.

I had thought that a group dinner was happening soon, so I left their place, and hoofed back home. After untangling some confusion people had about events and schedules and with a bunch of emails, it was decided that dinner was in several hours, at the Elysian Fields, down by the stadiums.

And so, lo, some short time after the decided time, I left the house, linked up with Brian & Christine, went and picked up Tanj & Helen, and we all went down to said Elysian Fields pub, and ate.

We then went to the Showbox SoDo, where Brian and Christine and I stood for a very long time in a very long line in the rain for willcall.

Inside, it was very very crowded, and very very loud.

We all found each other again, and I was given a set of wax earplugs, which helped a lot. I met Eva Luna. And also Sierra, who was really happy to see me.

After an hour or so, I finally got into the spirt of it, and crowdwalked into the center of the very crowded dance floor, and danced to the driving bass until the show closed, sometime after 2am.

Brian & Heater had bugged out early, so I drove everyone else home, and then settled down to write blog posts and articles until I slowed back down enough to fall asleep.

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