Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Friday, a post-goth birthday party, and then a night of sweet beats

Friday evening, after work, I drove up to Lynnwood for Tasia Mulligan's birthday party. After circulating a bit, socializing some, and meeting some people, I thanked Tasia for the invite, and headed south.

I stopped at House Nubility, and met up with Jess, Theo, and Antonio. After a great deal of getting ready, losing things, finding them, losing them again, leaving the apartment, going back to the apartment, breaking into the apartment (it seems someone's keys were not in their purse...), we all headed to SoDo Seattle, to the Motor venue, to listen to DJ Randall Glenn "spin some sweet beats".

I didn't dance at all, my legs were more than a little stiff and painfully sore from workouts at the gym, and from walking around so much the past few days.

So I people-watched. I would say that most of the kids there were half my age or less, and dressed in a fun odd amalgam of brightly colored candy raver, black goth, and all natural colors rural Washington (aka "grunge").

The beats were sweet, the eye candy was pretty, the company was warm.

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