Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Last Thursday Evening, Art Walk

Thursday, after work, I went to Remedy and shared a couple of pots of tea with Sarah Elmore.

Then I walked down the hill to meet up with Cunning Minx and for Seattle First Thursday Art Walk. I had forgot to wear my Fitbit, so all that walking didn't counted in my score. Sadly, Minx only had a short amount of free time, and I got a bit turned around downtown, so we just barely missed each other. Sad. Over SMS we tentatively planning to meet up for the next First Thursday (which I later had to email her to change, since that will be the day of the next Ignite Seattle).

I then walked over to the 619 Western building, mostly to see Gabriel Cain, who was working in his studio space there shooting walk-in portraits "Be Seen - Social Networking Portrait Special". As I was approaching the building, I bumped into Frank Heidt, who was there only because I had forwarded to him (and many other Seattle locals) the Facebook event for Gab's shoot. He was thankful that I had, because he lived downtown, and yet had never heard of the First Thursday Artwalk before. Just as I was about to enter the building, Christine and Julia came out, they had already walked all the art.

I went up to the top floor, to Gab's studio. He was there along with Lis. I got there at an opportune moment, and got to stay in the studio during a closed-door private shoot of someone else. Then Gab shot a number of good pictures of me, and I paid for 4 of them, and left it up to his judgment which 4 were the best ones.

I still need to buy a print or two of his more formal portrait session that we did last December.

I then worked my way down the each of the floors of the building, looking at most all of the art on exhibit. There was a surprising amount of new stuff. It also looked like many of the artists were on a Valentine's theme. There was a great deal of stuff relating to attraction, love, romance, desire, and lust.

I saw a couple of pieces that I wanted to shoot a snapshot of to share with a friend of mine, since I could tell they were the sort of thing she would like. I didn't, because the artist wasn't nearby to ask, and it seemed more than a little rude to take a photograph of a 600 dollar painting at it's own exhibition.

Once I was done with the 619 Western building, I walked over to Pioneer Square, to the Utilikilts store, for the gallery opening of Michael Holden's Burning Man Photos. The prints were amazing huge and trippy, and reminded me of being back on the Playa.

While I was there, I struck up a conversation with a cute young (tr|h)ippy chick who told some really fun stories about her rather interesting life. I bought a piece of jewelry from her, a colored stone wrapped in silver wire.

Then I walked the 3 miles back up the hill to home.

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