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Mark Atwood
Brain Dumps
Conferences are fun, and LCA is one of the very best.

I am getting exhausted, learning stuff, and learning what to go learn. And taking opportunities here and there to teach.

Having to wake up early each morning to go feed the parking meter sucks.

In past years at geek gatherings, "the device" was a laptop, laptop with wifi, laptop running linux, thinkpad, macbook, smartphone, iPhone, and Android... the new "the device" seems to currently be a netbook. What is interesting is that it is not just for the geek-set. My friends Kelly and Rose both chose to travel with a netbook instead of a laptop.

I need to work out my calendar for the rest of Jan and for Feb. KiwiBurn, MauiBurn, and Hawaii Hackathon will not be happening. I still may make a stop in Hawaii in a couple of weeks.

I will be at SCALE.

I will almost certainly be at OSbridge, likely be at MySQLcon.

Work is talking about going to GlueCon

MontyT is talking me to skip OScon (too insular, too repeatative) and going to an open source and infrastructure conference in Brazil that is at the same time. I may do.

The beerfest with the status.net people last night was at a bar that was presenting "Rogue Beer, from America". Which is funny to me, since Rogue just just down the way from Seattle, down in Portland, and Rogue Shakespear is my default pint at the Hopvine.

Had a guy who works for a company that makes flash memory talk to me about a new flash product they are working on. It has slow write, but RAM speed reads. Which I think would be perfect for the Gear6 appliance, and also would be interesting as a L2 cache for the InnoDB buffer pool.

Lunch today was with a bunch of hardware hackers and maker space people. I got to take apart a POTATO telephony mesh router while eating.

Would it be silly of me to buy a ream of A4 paper to put in my carry on? That stuff is stupidly expensive in the US.

I miss Seattle.

I've been missing the work parties for my BM camp's project. I've bee missing social events I am being invited to.

I wish I could travel to these wonderful places, and have my favorite people come as well.

I will do better at making the pacific ocean island hacker trip next year.

More brain dumps to come.
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dip_thong From: dip_thong Date: January 23rd, 2010 08:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Not only do I have a netbook, I have a netbook WITH WIFI RUNNING LINUX. Which is currently hooked up to my smartphone. That's a +3 adamantine netbook at least...
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