Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Skydive #7 & #8

I was out and about late last night, leaving The Mercury at about 12:30am. And I couldn't just crash when I got home, had to plug in all my rechargables, and then hydrate the cat. So I was slow waking up, and slower getting moving.

Made it back down to the DZ at about 1pm. Just as well, apparently they had had to sit and wait a while anyway for the sky to open. It was a perfect day. Warm, not hot. Very thing, very high wispy clouds. Steady breeze from a steady direction. Wonderful.

I had no fear going up.

On this level of the AFF sequence, I exit just as before, but with just one JM, instead of two. This means that we're lopsided, and so it takes some effort to get stable. But that wasn't hard. In fact, slipping sideways was FUN.

The dive flow is focused on turns. Left 90. Right 90. Right 90. Left 90. It felt like I wasn't turning at all. Except once, where I zooomed around. But in the debrief after, I learned I was indeed turning. Over turning. Full 180s.

Before this jump, I watched the "how to pack a student rig" video a couple of times. So after landing, under the direct supervision of one of their riggers, I repacked it, and went up again.

It went pretty much the same. It's fun to fly undocked and free, and see the JM hovering just in front of me. But the turns were still crap. Need to work a lot more on my shoulder dips and leg position. I forsee much more practice face down on my coffee table this coming week.

I wish I had the free time and free money to come back tomorrow. But I will be back next Saturday, and I will get those turns done properly.

At the next level, "AFF 5", I get to do a "Superman Exit" from the door. Wheee!!!

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