Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Work: Gear6 Memcached for the Cloud

When I first started working with Gear6, I pushed for bundling a version of our memcache appliance as an AWS EC2 AMI. We had already done much of the work by making a version available as trial as a VM image and our current effort on a "Universal Distro", which can run on any qualified piece of server hardware.

Because of that existing effort, and because of the nimbleness and skill of my coworkers here at Gear6, we were able to move from proposal to first release in only a few weeks.

We are releasing our first version of the Gear6 Web Cache for the Cloud today of Amazon EC2, at ami-2411f34d for 32 bit, and ami-2611f34f for 64 bit. The 32 bit version is "free", you only pay Amazon's EC2 charge, and the 64 bit version (which can cache much more, return results faster, and handle more client connections) is linked to Amazon DevPay, so you will pay some money to Gear6. But it works out that the "gigabyte hour" cost for the new "high memory" EC2 types is actually less than the cheaper smaller "free" 32 bit size.

Jeff Barr at Amazon AWS just blogged about it. The press releases and tech press articles happen today.

It's been a learning experience for me. I got to deal more with the tech press, and learned more about how publicity and press releases work.

I also got to learn more and hard about Gear6's internal development and build processes. And I broke the build, several times, on the integration day. I need to get better at testing.

But I'm excited, I hope this goes well.
Tags: gear6, memcache, work

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