Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

notes on the days

In Utah, staying at my parents. Wasted most of the day sitting in the SEA airport, because I missed the gate change of my flight. My parents now have THREE cats. Jaysee is a little black skittish thing that technically belongs to some irresponsible neighbors, but actaully lives in the workshop. I had wondered why my dad was suddenly intent on insulating that building, after N years of letting it be cold...

My mom still uses the ReplayTV, even tho it no longer can change channels to catch OTA broadcasts, what with the end of NTSC transmission. She just uses it to pause whatever show she's watching.

Network television hasn't gotten any better.

Utah is still the weird little bubble. It's not the same weird little bubble it was 20some years, but it's still a weird little bubble.

Dad broke his foot yesterday morning, doing stuff out in the workshop getting ready for my arrival. 4th metatarsal. He was remarkably lucky, of the 3 ways it could have broken, he picked the one that is 8 weeks in a boot cast, instead of one of the ways that would send him to an ortho surgeon. He would have been even better off if he had gone to the clinic right away, instead of a few hours later. Sigh, my parents....

I got AT&T to give me the unlock code for my Sierra Wireless 885 wireless modem. But I can't get it to connect to T-Mobile. Got to just LOVE how Apple evicerated all the useful logging and detailed configuration files of PPP. To make it "more user friendly" and "less confusing", I'm sure. Mac's are great, they Just Work. Until they don't, and then there is no way to make them work.

Thanksgiving Day went rather well.

Wednesday afternoon I completely forgot an appointment at MassageFreek. I got deeply involved in stuff I was working on. Crud. And I had been looking forward to that appointment for a week.

My life is more interesting than it sounds, but a great deal of it goes into my personal journal now, not into my lj.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

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