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Gym. Session 56 of 124. Back and Triceps

Well, since my Jeep is still in the shop (see later posts on this), I had to hoof it to the gym. According to the GPS, it's only (almost exactly) 1500 m, but I still misjudged it, and got there 10 min late. At least I didn't have to warm up.

Since my back seemed to be all healed up, we dug right into it.

The addition today was assisted dips (which uses the same machine as the assisted pullups). Logically, we cycled the dips and the pullups, and I was very good about holding form, and could feel the correct muscles burn and stiffen. As always for a new exercise, the dips found yet more unworked muscles, in my shoulders and sides, that are very weak and thus subject to beginner's gains.

We burned quickly through the rest of the sequence, since I was starting late. Seated low rows. Low back lifts. ISO lateral high rows. Standing rope pulldown triceps.

The last set of the low rows, my muscles failed after only 12 reps. But instead of just getting up, I took a couple of deep breaths, gritted my teeth, and squeezed out 3 more. Likewise, I failed 3 short on the low back. But on that, I didn't try that stunt again, one's lower back is not something good to mess with.

I'm not even stiff, sore, and in pain the next morning any more!

Stronger and stronger, better and better.

(Of course, then I had to make the uphill hike (81 m) back to work.)

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