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Thoughts on Attachment, and thoughts on avoiding it - Mark Atwood — LiveJournal
Thoughts on Attachment, and thoughts on avoiding it
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wurtmann From: wurtmann Date: June 12th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC) (Link)


That is an interesting idea. However, it is a worldly concept. And yes, in that respect it does sound like a line or country dance. However, we are eternal beings. We always existed. We are spiritual brothers and sisters. Some things do last. This earth experience is not all there is. We are more than what we see in the mirror and that pertains to others also. We are all connected. However, we really have no control over others.

We never really "own" anything except our own will because everything else is on loan from our Heavenly Father. We experience a process of aging and change. We were sent here to this earth to be stewards--over our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and our possessions. We also will experience the consequences for our choices.

I "own" Edward as a pet. I know he carries a deadly virus that will shorten his life. That has nothing to do with how much I love him though. I will enjoy his presence every day and not hold back because it will hurt when I lose him. The love I feel and the memories I have cultivated will always be with me. Meanwhile I am doing all the things to keep him as healthy as I know how so that his quality of life can last as long as possible.

I hold similar memories for human relationships and friendships. If someone else chooses a path that doesn't include me that is ok too. They are tending to their own stewardship as they see fit. There may be some pain involved but that doesn't change the outcome. It is very disrespectful to our creator to essentially use and then write off another person as if they were no better than toilet paper.

Our relationship as spiritual brothers and sisters is eternal. Our relationship as families also is eternal if we make the right choices. You are always my son. I believe you chose to come to this earth as my son. I will always love you as my son. I believe Heavenly Father feels the same way towards all of his children--no matter what kind of stewards they have been or are. He always loves us but is not always pleased with our choices. But he won't take away our agency. That is a gift to us.

"Know this that every soul is free to choose his life and what he'll be; For this eternal truth is giv'n: That God will force no man to heav'n.

He'll call, persuade, direct aright, and bless with wisdom, love and light. In nameless ways be good and kind, but never force the human mind.

Freedom and reason make us men; take these away and what are we then? Mere animals and just as well the beasts may think of heave'n or hell.

May we no more our pow'rs abuse, but ways of truth and goodness choose; Our God is pleased when we improve his grace and seek his perfect love."

15 comments or Leave a comment