Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 55 of 124. Legs.

Racked up the inclined leg press even higher, to 335lb (plus the sled). And I did them all, 3x15, even though I was pouring sweat during, and a bit nausiated for a while after. Months ago, my pants stopped being tight in the waist, but now they are starting to be a bit tight around the legs.

Oh, and I finally found out the name of the machine that is "reversed position" of the inclined leg press. The "hack squat". Which I was barely able to bang out a 3x15 with a measly little 35lb plate, after doing those leg presses.

The rest of the session was a completely typical legs. Did get new maximums on the hib abductor and adductors, 120lb. I'm getting some tone to my typical flat Atwood ass.

It's too darn hot. It's over 31°C outside, pouring down sun. The gym had big fans running everywhere, and none of them helped. Thank goodness my workplace has A/C, which is running on high continuously (I can hear the air ducts vibrating).

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