Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Hawaii. Thursday Friday Saturday

Thursday, I went to my "usual" SBC to work in the morning, and then in the afternoon I walked up to "Coffee Talk", which was described as a "Seattle type indy cafe". It was, in fact, such a place, but it's too long of a walk to want to do as a commute. I spent the rest of the afternoon there working. That evening, I hoofed off to a Lafayette Morehouse social meeting. I got lost cutting through the U of H campus, but it was still an adventure. I ended up not going, because Tigris was going to be late, they dont allow latecomers, and I didn't want to go completely solo. So I walked back to where I was staying, and then that evening we headed to downtown Waikiki to listen to one of her friends sing in a club there. We met some good people, and enjoyed some tasty sushi.

Friday, more working at the SBC. It's so much fun to get the demo ready for JavaOne, running software that is brand new and evolving fast, and running it on infrastructure that is still really also brand new and evolving fast. Just cheating and running on EC2 and in Perl would be beside the point. But then, doesn't "demo" usually mean "cheat"? :) After being done working, I walked down to a runner's supply store, and bought a new pair of Tevas. That was one of my packing errors for this trip, is I wore my regular merrils instead of my tevas, and wearing a closed shoe with socks is not all that workable here.

Saturday afternoon, Tigris, Hamlet (Tigris's dog), and one of her friends and myself went out hiking. There are so many places to go hiking here. There should be pictures on my Flickr stream, but for some reason the photo app in my GPhone sometimes holds onto pictures for days/weeks before finally pushing them out. Something to debug sometime...

Saturday evening, I went to a local play party. The local "scene" is pretty small and new, with "old timer" meaning "more than five years", but I met some nice and interesting people there. The extent of my own "play" consisted of dancing myself exhausted, giving a strong hands foot rub, and playing with a rig that someone set up with a pair of suspension cuffs mounted in a frame. I fit my hands in the cuffs, grabbed the grips, and knocked my own feet out from under myself, which helped pull a number of knots out of my back, and then pulling myself back up. Wheee... "hardcore!". :)

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