Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Hawaii. Sunday and Monday.

Sunday night, I finished packing, having fit everything I thought I would need into my carry-on, and then went to sleep. When the alarm went off the next morning, on Monday, I was clean, dressed, and on my way in under half an hour. But not quite fully awake, in that I pulled up to the departures curb, and then remembered I couldn't just leave my car there, I had already made other plans. So back around I went, over to the Sternberg's. I left the Forester there in their rarely used garage driveway, and elfs did me the favor of taking me back to the airport.

Security and gatewait were uneventful. The last time I made this flight, it was in a Hawaiian Airlines widebody superjumbo 767-300. This time it was in a bog-standard Alaska Airlines 737, just like I've flown on far too many times this past year. I settled into my seat, popped a xnx, and started writing until chemical obliviion took me. I woke right on schedule, six hours later, just as we started to decend.

I got a bit lost trying to find my way OUT of the airport. The elevators and the escalators down to the ground level, where the ground transportation was, kept being out of order. I worked my way all the way around, finally found a way down. While swapping calls with Tigris, who was my ride and hostess. We finally found each other, and into the city we went.

Last year she lived out in Ewa, but now she has a snug little place just a short walk from downtown and from Waikiki. Just as we were pulling in, one of her neighbors was cutting back an overgrown tree. An avacato tree! Tigris got to gather up a dozen or so fruits to let ripen in the kitchen.

I set up the wireless internet device, but it was pretty spotty. So I feel back to using my EDGE modem, which also was pretty spotty, with occational 40,000 millisecond ping times. So I fell back to working out of local VM.

That evening, I hooked up with daveman692 and a couple of other geeks, and enjoyed sushi.
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