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Mark Atwood
Dreams, last night
A dream last night, examined in waking light, is a mixture of my memories of walking rural dirt roads in summertime Alaska, and yet are linked to my last two trips to Vancouver, in that I kept meeting people who, in the context of the dream, I knew from meeting them in Van, or them knowing people I met in Van.

And yet, I've never met any of those people.

I have the strangest feeling that the memories of this dream will evaporate as they all do, and yet someday I'm going to meet these people, and be overwhelmed with deja vu.

I've been feeling deja vu a lot, the last month.

One of them, when I meet them, I may feel the need to apologize for killing the power to their house by accidentally perfectly nailing the powerline to their house with a frisbee.

In another dream, I had some amazing insight into some previously unconsidered implication of the interactions between creativity, the collapsing barriers to entry of both media production and short run manufacturing, and localized recommendation systems. I clearly remember thinking "I have to wake up so I can write this down!". And yet, I did not wake up. And now it's gone.
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