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Mark Atwood
Thursday yesterday. Therapy, Climbing, "Star Trek", eating salad with sticks, and fire music
New therapist yesterday, recommended to me by Sierra. It was productive first session, with a fair amount of waterworks, and some good insight.

After climbing with Brian, I picked up Rose at the UW and we headed to the Cinerama to watch the local premire of "Star Trek".

We ended up seated next to Gabriel and Liss, after encountering Elf and Omaha, and PaulF and Joan in the crowd. On the way in, I also ran into Amber and Sakura.

I'm undecided as to the long term implications fo the Star Trek franchise, but this reboot has promise. I very much like this variant of Spock, this McCoy is perfect, and Captain Pike was inspiring.

There was a lot of catchphrase fan-service.

The movie is entertaining and fun.

Afterwards, Rose and Liss went home, and Gab and I met up with Paul and Joan for a late bite at B&O. After taking Gab home, he showed me his "fire whistle", an instrument made out of copper that, when fed burning gas, plays middle C. He is building a set of 8, to make an instrument to play at Burning Man.
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