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Mark Atwood
Realtime gearman analysis of Drizzle query log
Working on Drizzle. A while ago the "log to gearman" module I wrote got incorporated into the main tree. The current task is to finish "get gearman via INFORMATION_SCHEMA", and then Drizzle will be able to push its query stream out into a chain of gearman based map reduce system.

So here is a question for the DBAs big system architects out there. If you had an array of database server instances, generating a compiled query log stream of many thousands of statements per second, and you could map, reduce, and analyze that query stream for "interesting stuff"...

What sorts of "interesting stuff" would you want to look for?

There is going to be a BOF on this at the MySQL Users Conference next week.

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From: brooksaix Date: April 10th, 2009 09:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

How long the sql took to execute

#1 How long the sql took to execute - the average, min, and max, and total execution time for the sql statement
#2 The query plan
#3 The CPU & IO
#4 Lock contention issues if they exist

This isn't everything I would want but it covers 80+% of it.

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