Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 53 of 124. Back and triceps.

This morning, waking up, I was glad to discover that my back hardly twinged at all. If I pull my arms up in a certain way and pull my shoulders around just so, I could get the muscle in question to protest, but it looks like the worst has past.

So, at the gym, instead of bypassing it entirely, we dug into back work with only a few modifications. No pullups at all, and went light and "super slow" and didn't as back as far with all the assorted rows.

And a new exercise. Dumbbell lateral raises. Grip two dumbells, one in each hand, with the elbow bent at a right angle so that my fists are pointed straight forward, arms at my sides. Now lift and rotate my arms, so that the elbows for the ends of a straight line going through my shoulders. That discovered whole new avenues of weakness in my shoulders and back.

Even so, was glad that I was able to work it.

I wanna go JUMP!

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