Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

More on the cat

Wednesday, Dr Nevin called me back with Birki's test results. Still some white blood cells in the urine, tho not so much as before. So the next day I went in to pick up from them another bottle of Baytrils. 7mg daily for 28 days. They're working, I think. Her fever has dropped off, and she's eating again.

But the little monster still insists that I sit by her and talk to her before she will eat.

I also was able to talk to a more aware vettech, and got away with their last box of Nipro needles. Nipros are much sharper and have much thinner walls than "average", which means they hurt a lot less, and deliver more fluid faster, getting it over soon.

Worked well too. She's getting accustomed and resigned to the procedure, and mostly sat quietly in my lap while I pricked her and hydrated her.

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