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Mark Atwood
Mark's Big Birthday Party. March 7th, at the Alohahaus
I'm turning 40, and I want a party. The big day is actually on the 5th, but the 7th is a Saturday, easier for people to come.

Games. Socializing. Wine. Veggie Potluck.

Cake will be provided. No gifts expected.

If you know and like me, you are invited.

Where: The AlohaHaus, Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Seattle WA

When: Things will start happening around 5pm.


The hot tub will be opened at about 10. Towels are provided.

There are futons and other crash space, if you need to stay the night.

There is a dog and some cats here, so medicate up if necessary.

This is a veggie household. Eggs and dairy are ok. Bring food to potluck share if you wish. Dishes do not have to be labeled, but you can if you wish.

There is beer, wine, and spirits. Bring a bottle if you want to share.

There will be people from lots of different social groups, some kids, and members of my family attending.

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Current Location: Home, Capitol Hill, Seattle WA

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hearts_treasure From: hearts_treasure Date: February 26th, 2009 01:26 am (UTC) (Link)
I know and like you, however distance proves a problem. I too may be celebrating my b-day on the 7th since mine is technically the 2nd (I will be turning 30). I find making a big deal about one's birthday is way more fun, than quietly letting it slide by hoping people remember. I always am disappointed that way. But telling everyone is a sure way to pep up life and get excited. And why shouldn't we, We were born, and we are here! Let's celebrate!! :D

bldrnrpdx From: bldrnrpdx Date: February 26th, 2009 01:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Hope the party is a blast :)
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