Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The past few days


Not only did I go swing dancing at the Century, I went early and signed up for a Swing 1 class. The weekly class I had been taking on Tuesday nights down in Mt Baker had ended, and I thought it would be a good idea to repeat it, and to do so at a place I could walk to. Plus, the Century is a really cool local venue, and I want it to stick around.

Up until recently, I was petrified of doing something like swing dancing. Dance teaching in public school for me was done about as well as anything in public school was done, e.g. very poorly, and my attempts at Ballroom Dance classes in HPER in college weren't much better. But just recently, I've felt coordinated enough and together enough to try it again, with friends' encouragement, and I'm now good enough to have fun doing it, tho I am not yet "good" at it.


A follow up trip to the dentist. The impressions taken last time had failed, so they needed to try again, more carefully. Plus this time their computers were working better, so he was able to take some very good magnified photos of the tops and backs of my teeth. The news was not so good. No cavities, and no peridontal disease, but... my two old silver fillings have cracked, and also the backs of my incisors are very heavily chipped, probably from my bad bite. The reason for the impressions was so he could have something made that may fix my bite. We will see. There is also a theory that my bad uneven bite may be causing my headaches, because the bite muscles that join to the top edge of my skull are hypertrophic. This may not be true, and my headache remains idiopathic, but its's worth a shot.


I dropped off Rose at the airport, she is visiting friends in SF for the weekend and half a week.

Evening was a games night at the house. It was actually paraventure's birthday, but she wanted it to just be a games party. It was pretty fun.

There was some upsetting family news for me tho, which kind of spoiled the night.


I made another pass at moving my stuff back into my room, by moving over the bookshelves, and then processing most of my books. More than half ended in the "get rid of" box. They will be sold to Twice Sold Tales, given to friends, Freecycled, and otherwise gotten rid off. I still had entirely too many books that were trophies, rather than pleasures or references. They will now be used and enjoyed again by other people, instead of taking up weight and space in my life.

During the day, was a Wake for Jerry, an older guy who was linked to some of the local cohousing groups. He came to the house occationally to do odd jobs. For example, he recently sanded off all the old ugly paint from the big bannister. He died in his sleep a few weeks ago, and so his friends threw a wake.

I went out and had brunch with AmandaR at the 21 Doors.

That night was a "stuff swap" party at The Haunted version 2.0 (they've not officially named it yet), and while I had a lot of stuff to give away, I decided to stay in, since I found myself chatting with a number of interesting people. It's too easy to go to a party, and find myself being alone in a group. There will be other parties there.


Climbing at Vertical World, with krow, ein_traum, hvc, and Kent. I started out really strong, ripping through two 5.10bs. But climbing harder maked me tired faster, especially in my forearms, and soon after I was falling and failing at basic 5.9's that I normally easily do.

krow and I then went to Costco to get something he had been talking about for a while, to get a 46 inch (ahem) "monitor" for the computer in his room. It's pretty sweet for watching videos and DVDs. We tried it out with a ripped episode of Dr Who, and then the DVD for "Brain Rules", and now my current NetFlix, "Ghost World".

Tonight, I could go dancing at the Century, watch more videos, hack, chat, or do more room moving, or some combination, or something entirely different. We will find out

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