Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Yesterday and Thursday

mood: positive

One nice thing about my room, and the new orientation of my bed, is that the rising sun illuminates my pillow. This time of year, right around 8 in the morning. This is bad, in that waking up is rarely welcome, but good, in that as ways to wake up, it's rather gentle and invigorating.

Yesterday, I did my best to ignore the Hallmark Holiday. I went to the 24 fitness again, and beat myself up. Despite my spotty attendance, I'm still getting a lot stronger in the chest. Doing climbing and working on the 100 pushup challenge is probably to blame for that. I've always been pretty strong in my legs, but when I stopped eating meat, I could tell i started losing lean muscle mass there, so they are not as strong or as well built, so need to hit them pretty hard. I've also discovered while climbing that I am not as strong as I need to be when standing up out of a deep knee bend. So I pulled the leg press sled in really close, and worked hard on that part of the range of motion. HARD. But it will get better. And it will make my climbing better.

Last Thursday, I went to the first "SalonTC". It was an invite-only salon put on my Brady Forest and the folks at Waggle Labs, and held at the Strand Labs in the University District. I met many interesting people, collected a lot of useful contacts. I pitched OpenID and using cellphone beacons to the folks at Strand for their cafe electronic social billboards that they are putting up at cafes all over the city, got involved in cool discussions about product end to end lifespan, electrical implosion of coins, and applied and available nootropics.

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