Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Slept thru the night, in my new bed. This time actually with sheets and stuff! Only one unisom needed.

Built a hypertable server, to write a Drizzle storage engine against.

Walked down to Maki Sushi, had lunch with Rose. Met the dog she was sitting.

Had Adrianne come over, for a private swing dance lesson. Learned more in that one lesson than in the half dozen lessons I've had from the Northwest Dance Network Swing 1 class so far, and more than I learned in any of the dance classes I took in college.

Gave away by big chest of drawers, that's travelled from Utah to Boston to Seattle, to Adrianne and Dave. Lots of stuff gone, more stuff to go.

Monday night bowling. Scored pretty well, 143 and 126.

Doing some XMPP hacking, waiting for the Unisom to kick in.

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