Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

So this morning I wake up to find that the universe had jammed a red hot coal into my flesh right behind my shoulderblade. This wasn't a major surprise, it had been getting worse yesterday evening.

A few IMs last night with an online friend with some medical knowledge got me the recommendation to RICE it. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Well, it's kind of hard to elevate my back a couple of feet above my heart, but the rest was doable, and so I had gone to sleep with a pack of blue ice jammed under me, supplying both the cold and the compression.

But as I said, it was blazingly bad in the morning, so I RICEed it again, then pulled up Outlook Web Access for work (a wireless laptop in bed, so nice), and scheduled myself a sick day.

Several hours and 3 changes of ice later, I finally dragging myself away from my bed. At which time I discovered that Birki had sicked up all over her food last night, and then also had thrown up some bloody saliva. Not good! So I called up the Cat Clinic, scheduled an urgent appointment, and then made myself somewhat presentable to the world, ignored my back as best I could, and drove in to Seattle.

Doctor Nemic poked and prodded a bit, and told me that nausea and bloody heaves are typically from acid reflux, and acid reflux is a common symptom of the bad body chemistry resulting from degenerative kidney failure. Since she absorbs her LRS so quickly, I'm to start doing it every 24 hours instead of just every other day, and for the ARF she gets a quarter of a Zantac twice a day, with her K/D feed. Sigh, moving into the high maintenance mode.

I need the tech level of 30 years from now, TODAY, to build her a nanotech replacement kidney.

Anyway, I take her to jezel's apartment, and then jezel and I hang out and go shopping for a while. We discover that the next Girl Genius is out!

I was late getting to Mr Henry's studio for my weekly lesson, but since I am his last student on Tuesdays, he allowed us to go for the full hour anyway. He noticed how difficult it was for me to hold posture on the bench, so instead of spending most of the time playing, we spent it reviewing the theory of the orders of sharps and flats. But there was some playing. I have a new 4 octave scale sequence to program into my fingers, and another week to work on the two current practice pieces.

Then back up to jezel's to pick up Birki.

Rather than go straight home, I decided to spend as much time as possible enjoying my jeep's A/C, given the bright muggy heat Seattle's been "enjoying", so I drove south to elfs and omahas. My excuse for the trek was to return Kouryou-chan's plush doggie, which had been accidentally left with me when I carried them from the airport a few days ago.

After some fun chit-chat, and letting Kouryou-chan and Yamaarashi-chan look at and talk to Birki, elfs left to take Yamaarashi-chan back to her mother's house, and I started to leave as well.

Backing up their driveway with my high POV vehicle, I didn't see the car until I heard the sickening crunch. I had caved in a body panel on the car of one of their neighbor's guests. Sigh. So we swapped insurance information. Now that I think about it, I'll try calling her tomorrow and just offer to pay for the damage directly, rather than have her insurance company involve mine, it will surely be cheaper than the raised premiums.

So I head back home, with a few small detours. The main one was to get new bootlaces from Whistle Workwear in SouthCenter (where I had originally bought my boots). A wonderful place to buy the kinds of things they sell. They just gave me the laces for free, I think because they were just closing for the night, and had probably already closed out the register.

At each stop, I was, of course, always careful to leave the Jeep parked in the shade with the windows sufficiently open.

Soon after getting home, I started Birki on her new LRS hydration schedule. LRS. Lactated Ringers Solution. I had asked the vet tech about the name, and according to the medical dictionary she dug out, it is indeed named for a "Doctor Ringer", who invented it in the late 19th century.

Anyway, the needles that the clinic sold me are, as jezel had opined when she saw them, crap. They hurt Birki too much, and flow too slowly. I need to find a source of NeePros to do this with.

But now my back almost doesn't hurt at all. I don't know if it's that the worse has past, or if it's just the ibuprofen. I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow morning.

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