Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Impressions of Australia

My hotel is a casino. Last night there were lots of places to drink and gamble, no places to eat.

Nightclub Aussies are loud!

Internet connection is surprisingly good.

All the yards I've walked passed have been fenced, walled, or hedged, sometimes all three.

I saw a fuzzy little dog having a joy playing in the water and chasing birds on the beach. But now whenever I go outside, he's aways within eyeshot, running around on his own, and yet following me. Weird....

Lots of shells and lots of jellyfish on the beach.

I can tell this is a humid environment. Before my nose adjusted and blanked it out, there is the unmistakeable scene of carpet mildew.

Australian Hops are different. More sour and astringent.

Dark beers seem to be just unavailable.

It's bright. Not blazing, but bright. I'm glad I have my reactive glasses and my hat.

Most all of the white people are either deeply tan, or bright red.

Yeah, they really do talk that way.

Books and magazines and electronics are expensive!

Everything is noticably more expensive, but so far I am guessing selection effect, as that I've only seen prices inside airports, tourist zones, and a hotel.

The campus here would make a rocking level on Quake.

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