Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 51 of 124. Chest and biceps, with a tweaked back

Fears of having to stop for a week

After warming up, and while signing in, I talked with my trainer about my pulled back. He knew exactly what muscle I was talking about, most people who pull it in the gym, do so during a botched pull-up. He agreed with my decision to start slow, and if I got any pains, to just take the week off and let it heal.

Fortunately, today was chest and biceps, which are pretty much the opposite of back. And in fact, it worked out pretty well. We ran though the standard set of exercises (which I won't repeat here, y'all are probably getting bored with them), and since I had to be so careful to keep my body aligned and to completely avoid pulling with my back, it perfected my form and really REALLY moved the focus to my chest and arms.

It was one of the best chest sessions I've had.

The only thing that I had to abort was the inclined board crossover ab crunches (thats the one where you crunch, twist, and touch your elbow to the opposite knee). I just barely started the first one, said "nope!", and just did ordinary straight ones. One hundred of them too. The burn by the end of the last set was higher than it had ever been before, all the way to the bottom of my sternum.

Wednesday, we'll try to do legs as usual, and Friday, which is normally back, we'll think of something else.

Interesting scars

I had mentioned that Saturday afternoon, I had gone to the range to play with my new "seeing faster". Something I didn't mention in that post, is that about half-way through the box, my glasses had slipped forward a bit down my nose, and one of the ejected cases flipped straight back, hit me in the eyebrow, and then slipped right down behind the lens.

My eye snapped shut, of course, and I VERY quickly (but carefully) put the pistol down on the bench, and pulled my glasses off. There was a tender spot high on my cheekbone, but otherwise I was apparently unhurt.

Well, while looking in the wall mirrors, I noticed that I got a little bit more cooked than I had originally thought. There is a spot right below my eye, and a neatly defined stripe starting below the brow, going right down the center of my eyelid. It looks like some sort of very odd circus clown makeup, done in dark blood red.

It's going to be an interesting scar.

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